Q: How can I contact with TRAFITI about my order or other enquiry?

A: We are here always, kind to send us at service@trafiti.com for any questions.


Q: What if I am not satisfied with my order?

A: We truly hope you like TRAFITI, however any questions can reach us at Email: service@trafiti.com


Q: What is my payment option?

A: We accept PayPal at this moment to ensure you a security way to place order.


Q: How do I open PayPal account?   

A: If you did not have PayPal account, we encourage you to check the website at www.paypal.com and follow the instructions to choose your account type

   and complete your   signup.


Q: Is PayPal secure and easy to use?   

A: Yes, PayPal protects global buyer to minimize fraud across major payment types and channels.


Q: Can I enjoy discount and point redemption at the same time?  

A: Yes, Member can enjoy both benefits when you shop on line.


Q: Does my cashpoints expire? 

A: We accumulate your points annually, so please make sure your will redeem by 31 December every year.  


Q: How do I earn TRAFITI cashpoints?

A: You earn one point for every USD 10 dollar you spend on merchandise (excluding the purchase of gift certificates, gift cards, taxes, and shipping fees) purchased online         at www.trafiti.com. Points accrue automatically when your order has been completed; however please ensure you have log into your account prior to place your order.           TRAFITI cashpoints have no cash value and can only be redeemed for rewards on www.trafiti.com.

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